Reflecting on Your Mental Wellbeing by Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill Perth Counsellor

  Being honest about one’s mental wellbeing and adopting strategies to maintain your mental health not only ensures accountability to one’s own values, morals and personal code of ethics, but also ensures you live a happy healthy life with those around you. Historically people have sought this support through their faith (mentoring or confession through … Read more

Online Counselling

online counselling

A few years ago, someone close to me went through some medical treatment that inhibited their ability to leave their home for an extended period of time. During this period, aside from immediate family, they connected with friends and family through online technology, social media and telephone. Interestingly, this person emerged out of the other … Read more

Emotional Calm

John Gottman talks about three ingredients to a healthy, happy relationship. These are: Trust Commitment Emotional Calm We build trust primarily through turning towards our partner’s and building consistent and safe connection through authenticity, empathy, kindness and validation. Trust seems to be something that we feel, it is about attunement. Commitment on the other hand … Read more