Breathe Counselling offers professional, confidential and compassionate counselling services. Our team of qualified counsellors offer online, individuals, couples and families solutions to address and overcome relationship struggles, emotional and mental health concerns and roadblocks to a fulfilling life

Our Counsellors

Each of the counsellors at Breathe Counselling draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge of mental health and emotional-relational intelligence. Many of the counselling approaches we integrate into our sessions are evidence or research based. The positive feedback we regularly receive from clients is testament to this

Sue French

GradDip Counselling, AdvDip CFT, Dip CFT

Sue offers her counselling services in the Rockingham and Byford, Mundijong & Serpentine offices. Counselling with Sue offers you the opportunity to talk about your problems, thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential setting.

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Counsellor Perth Stephanie Koutsoukos

Stephanie Koutsoukos

MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, BA (Psychology)

Stephanie offers counselling services in the Perth CBD and Midland. Stephanie is passionate about providing a safe, insightful space for others, holding a belief that healthy connections foster healthy minds and personal growth.

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Perth Counsellor Mark Godfrey

Mark Godfrey

BA Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Mark offers after-hours counselling appointments in the Perth CBD. He specialises in and offers men, youth and…

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Midland Counsellor Candy Soans

Candy Soans

MA Counselling, BA Psychology

Candy is a gently perceptive, compassionate and approachable therapist who who nurtures and builds a secure, reflective space for clients. She is passionate about family and values the importance of establishing whole and insightful relationships within one’s unique environment.

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Caroline Flint

MA Counselling, GradDip Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy

Caroline (Cal) offers counselling solutions in the Perth CBD and Rockingham. Cal is a compassionate counsellor with extensive experience working with couples, adults, young adults and families.

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Rockingham Counsellor Eleanor Clayson

Eleanor Clayson

GradDip Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy, BA (Psychology) Cert IV Life Coaching

Eleanor enjoys seeing clients find insight and strategies for life that bring transformation in their day to day living.

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rockingham counsellor Matt Bond

Matthew Bond

MA Psychotherapy and Counselling, BA Theo

Matthew offers counselling services in the Perth CBD and Rockingham. He is skilful in constructing and holding spaces that allow clients to be reflective in a safe environment, carefully moving at the pace the client sets. Matthew integrates Psychodynamic, Inter-personal, Attachment and Emotionally Focussed (EFT) therapies, creating an approach which allows clients to explore their lives and relationships.

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ritchie profile

Richie Perera

BA Counselling, GradCert Medical and Health Leadership, Dip Theo

Richie walks gently with his clients on their journey towards restoration and/or personal growth. He is known for providing a calm and safe environment for his clients to do their work. Ritchie ensures he is nonjudgmental, attentive and respectful of each client’s own story. He is an engaging counsellor who applies intentional, proactive modalities of therapy.

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Emily Burr

GradDip Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy, AdvDip Counselling & Family Therapy

Emily Burr offers counselling in the Byford, Mundijong and Serpentine offices. Emily is a compassionate and empathetic counsellor who provides a safe and welcoming space to share in therapy.

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nick gwynn counsellor perth

Nick Gwynn


Nick offers counselling and clinical supervision in the Perth CBD and Rockingham. He is an exceptionally skilled and compassionate counsellor with 20 years’ professional experience.

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"Dealing with Nick Gwynn from Breathe Counselling Perth has been an absolute pleasure.
Nick cares about clients and is a very capable counsellor. Highly recommended!"

Richie has a rare gift for wisdom and his discernment during sessions and provided me with an environment of safety, but more than that, it gives me a huge net to explore, fall, come back to and start again well from...

“Highly recommend! I had Lovina for couple and individual counselling and she did a great job listening, understanding and addressing issues so they can be worked on!”

“I went to see Nick on short notice when I’d hit rock bottom and my Marriage was in tatters. I needed help with relationships and to work on myself emotionally, something I’d never even contemplated having issues with. Nick was kind and comforting, He gave me clarity and help with direction and I’ve found the sessions life changing in a absolutely positive way. Thanks Nick. I recommend Breathe Counselling to anyone in need of an extra hand to guide you through times in need.”

“Breathe Counselling has helped me tremendously through my journey to healing and finding myself. From setting what was previously non-existent boundaries with my family to healing deep wounds sustained as a child. Today I am a stronger person with healthy boundaries who has grown in the confidence to have a voice for myself, all through the help of Nick and Joanna. I would highly recommend Breathe Counselling Perth to anyone who is looking for support or guidance through difficult times, or even starting on your own journey to healing. Their approach was amazing and took away that feeling of trying to put the pieces of your broken puzzle together on your own.”

Richie was so gentle and patient in his style. It was a smart company that secured this counsellor, as he brings such a diverse range of skills and methodology to the practice.

“Before my session with Ryan I was highly stressed, anxious and losing sleep as a result of a recent event. I had never participated in counselling before and was very hesitant to. However, after one session with Ryan I felt my stress and anxiety practically disappear. I was so comfortable throughout the entire session and Ryan helped to understand my situation in a way that gave me complete clarity and control over my actions. Not only did Ryan help during the session, he also provided me with tools and exercises that could be used to treat these feelings when needed. I cant recommend Ryan an Breathe Counselling enough! It can be daunting booking your first counselling session, but I guarantee that discomfort and stress will drop away as soon as the session begins.”

“Ryan has been a modest professional from the start of our journey. His knowledge of counselling is vast and extensive. He has assisted us in completely turning around our relationship. We now communicate openly and search for meaning with our actions. No truer word said that if everyone went to counselling before issues arise the world would be a much better place. I would recommend him to every one and anyone cannot recommend highly enough.”

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March 5, 2021

Intrinsic Motivation by Eleanor Clayson   Motivation in life is a big deal. Most of us are quite familiar with the feeling of getting up in the morning and not wanting to go to work, school, the gym etc… especially if its cold outside and warm in bed. But the reality is, ‘stuff needs to get…

you don't have to be alone in your pain

January 31, 2021

You Dont Have to Be Alone in Your Pain I was surfing at one of my favourite breaks down south with a mate a couple of years ago, and it was really good. Pristine, turquoise water, light offshore wind, solid size without being scary. I was super happy to be out there and was looking…

The Importance of Nature

Nature and Mental Health

October 2, 2020

An increasing body of empirical evidence is showing us the value of nature with regards to mental health. It would seem to most of us as a ‘no brainer’ that interactions with the outdoor environs of oceans, forests, mountains and even your own back garden if you have one, can make you feel better… but…


Where There is Humility, There is Hope

April 5, 2020

Sometimes I say to couples that I’m doing relationship counselling with, “Where there is humility, there is hope.” This is is usually responded to with the question, “What do you mean?” Humility is a multidimensional characteristic, but at its core it is about identity. It is about how a person perceives themselves. A humble person…

mindfulness perth

The Power of Mindfulness

April 4, 2020

In times of hardship and uncertainty, it is common to notice our minds wandering off to create thoughts and stories which can be destructive to our wellbeing. As humans, we can experience fearing the unknown and a lack of control over our environment. These experiences can influence psychological, emotional and physical aspects of our wellbeing….

online counselling

Online Counselling

March 27, 2020

A few years ago, someone close to me went through some medical treatment that inhibited their ability to leave their home for an extended period of time. During this period, aside from immediate family, they connected with friends and family through online technology, social media and telephone. Interestingly, this person emerged out of the other…

Emotional Calm

January 29, 2020

John Gottman talks about three ingredients to a healthy, happy relationship. These are: Trust Commitment Emotional Calm We build trust primarily through turning towards our partner’s and building consistent and safe connection through authenticity, empathy, kindness and validation. Trust seems to be something that we feel, it is about attunement. Commitment on the other hand…


Necessary Conversations Without Unnecessary Conflict

December 7, 2019

BY NICK GWYNN Do you ever find yourself in a conflict with your partner, friend or family member, where it seems the only options are to either say nothing (stonewall), push the issue (argue) or cut the person off completely (divorce, separation, estrangement etc.) ??? You can feel as though nothing you can do will…

Conflict Management

Two Sides To Every Story

June 28, 2019

One of the things I notice when I do couples counselling, is the oft-repeated human condition that epitomises the ancient proverb: “every person is right in their own eyes.” There are always two realities, two perspectives, two opinions that often don’t match. The anatomy of a conflict, in some way, shape or form is going…

All counsellors and therapists associated with Breathe Counselling Perth are engaged in regular professional development, counselling and psychology supervision. Our counsellors are members of either or both ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).