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Counselling Supervision Nick Gwynn

Nick Gwynn


Nick offers counselling and clinical supervision in the Perth CBD and Rockingham. He is an exceptionally skilled and compassionate counsellor with 20 years’ professional experience. He is also an active member of the Australian Counselling Association. Nick has a substantial background in both private practice and the community health and education sectors. He specialises in supporting young people, individual adults, couples and families. Nick particularly enjoys relationship and marriage counselling, assisting couples overcome relationship barriers   to gain greater intimacy.

Nick’s approach is warm, nonjudgmental and respectful: his gentle demeanor and method of counselling creates a safe and trusting environment for his clients to explore their concerns. Even in the most overwhelming of circumstances, Nick’s clients find his calm and insightful support helpful in moving through life’s challenges with a sense of confidence and hope. Counselling with Nick is an opportunity for his clients to resolve issues by exploring and implementing practical solutions to their concerns.

Nick has a client-centred, outcome-focused approach to counselling. He tailors each session according to his clients’ unique personal needs and situations. Nick integrates several contemporary modalities of counselling into his practice. These include Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Solution-Focused Therapy and motionally Focused Therapy.

Lovina Triman

Dip.(HE) Couns, BTheo (Hons)

For Lovina, counselling is a safe place to be heard and understood, to learn more about yourself and find breakthroughs in thinking and behaviour. Lovina’s approach with her clients utilises a range of therapeutic approaches including Gestalt, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Art and Play, Narrative Counselling, Behaviour Management Strategies and Mindfulness.

Lovina’s clinical experience has been extensive. She has assisted people to overcome a range of issues,including depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, relationship struggles, suicidal issues and eating- disorders.

Working from an integrative approach and utilising a client-centred focus, Lovina believes in providing a safe, non-judgemental relationship. She is passionate about best practice, training and confidentiality. Lovina nurtures a therapeutic environment where her clients develop towards their full potential.

Lovina Triman is an accredited counsellor with CCAA and PACFA.  Lovina was a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist) before immigrating to Australia 2 years ago. Breathe Counselling Perth is excited to have Lovina onboard.

Caroline Flint

Grad Dip. Counselling, Adv.Dip CFT, Dip CFT

Caroline (Cal) offers counselling solutions in the Perth CBD and Rockingham. Cal is a compassionate counsellor with extensive experience working with couples, adults, young adults and families. She is a member of CCAA. Her approach is respectful, non-judgemental and empathetic, which ensures her clients experience a safe environment in which to grow and experience positive change. She strongly advocates an integrated, holistic approach that enables her clients to address areas of concern such as relational issues, depression, anxiety, and anger management. 

Cal is passionate about providing relationship counselling that empowers clients to make genuine, lasting and positive changes in their lives while ensuring that unhealthy patterns are resolved. She is genuine, insightful and caring and strives to ensure that the counselling experience leads to a positive outcome. Change and growth is realised by understanding reactions, accepting them, and learning to modify them as necessary. Cal is committed to a collaborative therapeutic relationship where clients are encouraged to discover achievable ways forward that improve emotional and psychological wellbeing and improvement in relationships and family life. She believes that each person’s response to a situation is uniquely complex and strongly linked to their own personal experience and life circumstances.

Throughout the counselling journey Cal will draw on a wide range of contemporary counselling modalities chosen specifically in response to the therapeutic needs of the couple or individual. These modalities include Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Ryan Hill

Master of Social Work (UWA), B. Psych.Sc

Ryan offers counselling services from the Perth CBD office and offers best practice, working with individuals, couples and families. He is an encouraging and empathetic counsellor who believes in identifying and enhancing individual, couple and family strengths. He has over 14 years’ experience working in diverse roles in the community sector. His work has included counselling, facilitating overseas community development trips, group workshops, project delivery, family mediation and lecturing. Ryan’s tertiary studies have primarily focused on couples, family and children. He has worked extensively with adults, families and young people. Being a member of the Australian Counselling Association Ryan is passionate about offering individualized support and strategy to clients.

Ryan applies holistic therapy skills to facilitate the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of his clients. His passion is to empower and assist people in their identity, core strengths and self esteem. Every session with Ryan has a clear focus that takes into consideration his clients unique personal attributes. Ryan uses an ecological strengths perspective to assist his clients to identify and address areas of concern. His approach is warm and non-judgemental. He empowers clients to experience positive change in a safe place. Ryan uses and integrates several contemporary styles of therapy. These include mindfulness, narrative therapy, active problem solving, conflict management, values identification and systems consultation.

Ryan brings a seasoned, wealth of experience to Breathe Counselling Perth and a unique personal approach that models best practice, respect and compassion.

Emily Burr female Perth Counsellor

Emily Burr

Grad.Dip Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy

Emily Burr offers counselling in the Byford, Mundijong and Serpentine offices. Emily is a compassionate and empathetic counsellor who provides a safe and welcoming space to share in therapy. She works with individuals, couples and families from all walks of life.

Emily uses an integrated, eclectic and client focused approach in her counselling, which assists clients by meeting them where they are at. She greatly values the importance of establishing a good therapeutic relationship with her clients. She incorporates a number of different counselling modalities in therapy such as Art therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy and Couples Therapy.

Emily is passionate about helping people work through and better manage concerns such as grief, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. It is her desire that each client feels greatly valued and respected in each session. She believes that each person has unique experiences in life and that by providing a safe, non- judgmental place for these concerns to be shared, that it can greatly assist the client’s journey through therapy.

Emily holds a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy and has over 10 years experience volunteering in different pastoral care roles.

Sue French

Grad. Dip Counselling, Adv.Dip CFT, Dip CFT

Sue offers her counselling services in the Rockingham and Byford, Mundijong & Serpentine offices. Counselling with Sue offers you the opportunity to talk about your problems, thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential setting. Her calm nature combined with her knowledge and experience can help you gain understanding about yourself and and your relationships with others. 

Concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma can be overwhelming at times and they can impact all aspects of our lives, especially our relationships and personal health. Sue can offer insight into the complexities of these situations as well as give you strategies to help you work through them. She can also assist with the challenges of being a parent at any stage of life, whether it’s in the early years, teens, or as a parent of adult children.

Sue has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy as well as extensive experience in early childhood development. She has worked as a counsellor at a large metropolitan high school and currently offers her services as a part-time counsellor with the Salvation Army.

"Dealing with Nick Gwynn from Breathe Counselling Perth has been an absolute pleasure.
Nick cares about clients and is a very capable counsellor. Highly recommended!"

“Before my session with Ryan I was highly stressed, anxious and losing sleep as a result of a recent event. I had never participated in counselling before and was very hesitant to. However, after one session with Ryan I felt my stress and anxiety practically disappear. I was so comfortable throughout the entire session and Ryan helped to understand my situation in a way that gave me complete clarity and control over my actions. Not only did Ryan help during the session, he also provided me with tools and exercises that could be used to treat these feelings when needed. I cant recommend Ryan an Breathe Counselling enough! It can be daunting booking your first counselling session, but I guarantee that discomfort and stress will drop away as soon as the session begins.”

“Ryan has been a modest professional from the start of our journey. His knowledge of counselling is vast and extensive. He has assisted us in completely turning around our relationship. We now communicate openly and search for meaning with our actions. No truer word said that if everyone went to counselling before issues arise the world would be a much better place. I would recommend him to every one and anyone cannot recommend highly enough.”

“Highly recommend! I had Lovina for couple and individual counselling and she did a great job listening, understanding and addressing issues so they can be worked on!”

“I went to see Nick on short notice when I’d hit rock bottom and my Marriage was in tatters. I needed help with relationships and to work on myself emotionally, something I’d never even contemplated having issues with. Nick was kind and comforting, He gave me clarity and help with direction and I’ve found the sessions life changing in a absolutely positive way. Thanks Nick. I recommend Breathe Counselling to anyone in need of an extra hand to guide you through times in need.”

“Breathe Counselling has helped me tremendously through my journey to healing and finding myself. From setting what was previously non-existent boundaries with my family to healing deep wounds sustained as a child. Today I am a stronger person with healthy boundaries who has grown in the confidence to have a voice for myself, all through the help of Nick and Joanna. I would highly recommend Breathe Counselling Perth to anyone who is looking for support or guidance through difficult times, or even starting on your own journey to healing. Their approach was amazing and took away that feeling of trying to put the pieces of your broken puzzle together on your own.”

“Breathe Counselling has helped me tremendously through my journey to healing and finding myself. From setting what was previously non-existent boundaries with my family to healing deep wounds sustained as a child. Today I am a stronger person with healthy boundaries who has grown in the confidence to have a voice for myself, all through the help of Nick and Joanna. I would highly recommend Breathe Counselling Perth to anyone who is looking for support or guidance through difficult times, or even starting on your own journey to healing. Their approach was amazing and took away that feeling of trying to put the pieces of your broken puzzle together on your own.”

Breathe Counselling Perth is a professional and compassionate counselling service. Our desire and intent is to provide the most suitable and effective counselling solutions possible to individuals, couples and families. We understand from statistical evidence, research and practice, that the counselling relationship itself is the most effective element of therapy. Subsequently, our approach reflects the value we place on this relationship.

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Nick Gwynn | Breathe Counselling

July 20, 2018

All counsellors and therapists associated with Breathe Counselling Perth are engaged in regular professional development, counselling and psychology supervision. Our counsellors are members of either or both ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).