Online Counselling (Microsoft TEAMS)

We now have an option for online counselling. Book using the link below.

About Our Online Counselling Service

Online counselling is face to face, video counselling using your web browser. Online Counselling is exactly the same as face to face therapy, except that you get to have your counselling session from the comfort of your own home or private space. All you need is a computer or tablet/phone, a good internet connection and a quiet, private place.

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Why use Online Counselling?

Online counselling has become a common option for people to access counselling and psychology services.


For people who lead busy lives or are geographically isolated, social distancing or have restricted access to face to face sessions, online counselling can be an easily accessible option. All that is needed is a computer or device, a private space and a decent internet connection.


Online counselling is convenient. Both the client and the counsellor have the ease of communicating with each other in sessions set at more flexible times. Online Therapy can reduce the inconvenience and time limitations associated with scheduling appointments for a specific location.

Some of us also find it challenging to meet with others face to face, particularly in a therapy situation. Social anxiety is quite a common experience for many people, and online counselling can provide a significantly less anxiety-producing experience.

How do I use online counselling?

1. Go to our website at and click the ‘click here’ button for online counselling button on the homepage.

2. Choose the counsellor you wish to see

3. Click on the Online Counselling tab

4. Request a time period (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

5. Your chosen counsellor will send you a booking confirmation with a suggested time.

6. Your chosen counsellor will send you an online counselling invitation ( Microsoft TEAMS)

7. Start Your Consultation

It’s that simple!

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What skills and qualifications do the counsellors have?

All of our staff at Breathe Counselling are fully qualified psychologists, counsellors or social workers.

All of our counsellors are members of and abide by the the ethical standards and codes of either the Australian Counselling Association (ACA)Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) or Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA)

How much does online counselling cost?

Online counselling is charged at the same rate as face to face. Please see fees schedule here

Is any special software required for online counselling?

Google ChromeMozilla Firefox or Safari support your online counselling session. The video platform that we presently use at Breathe Counselling is Microsoft TEAMS. To download TEAMS click here

Can I use a tablet or a smart phone for online counselling?

Yes you can use your smart phone or tablet for online counselling, as long as your connection to the internet is fast enough.

Can I use a Mental Health Plan (MHP) Medicare rebate?

Unfortunately not. At this stage only physically seeing a counsellor or psychologist is considered under the Australian rebate scheme.

Will my private health fund cover an online counselling session?

Some private health funds cover costs for some counsellors and psychologists. This depends on your private health cover policy. Please contact your health care fund to confirm that your online counselling session is covered.

What happens if I cancel an appointment

Breathe Counselling has a 48hr notice of cancellation rule. If you don’t give 48hrs notice for cancellations, you will be charged 50% of the fee. If you fail to give notice of your cancellation within 24hrs, you will charged the full fee.

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