Online Counselling

It’s never been easier to access personal, confidential and compassionate support. In today’s world, where information is thrown at us from every angle, it is comforting to know that at the press of a button we can put everything on hold, breathe, and talk to someone through SKYPE or online counselling. The idea of having someone listen to you, rather than talk at you can be a profound relief.

Sometime we can be in a place where we know that we need to talk to someone. We might be struggling with grief or the death of a loved one, we may be having relationship or marriage difficulties. Whatever it is, it is always helpful to talk to someone, especially someone with skills to assist.

If you are struggling with anxiety and you feel isolated and lonely, and the thought of going to see a counsellor provokes even more anxiety, I would encourage you to access online counselling. There are counsellors who understand what you are going through and can really help.

Online counselling

If you have a physical disability that restricts your mobility I would encourage you to access online counselling.

If you are living in an isolated location or are working FIFO I would encourage you to access online counselling.

Online counselling has a lot of benefits.

  • you can do it from the comfort of your home
  • you don’t have to travel, put up with traffic, pay for parking etc.
  • it can be completely private. (the stigma that can be present for some people about ‘getting counselling’ is disarmed)
  • it is often cheaper
  • It can be instant. You won’t have to wait for weeks to see someone
  • it is easier to schedule in- to a time that suits you.

To to be able to connect with someone and be professionally helped is made possible by the Internet in a way that is unique. If you are thinking about counselling, really need to talk to someone but you’re are afraid to, I encourage you to give online counselling a go.


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2 thoughts on “Online Counselling”

  1. I’m looking for assistance with my anxiety and PTSD disorder. My main objective is to obtain tools to assist me in my day to function.

    • Hi Crystal
      PTSD and anxiety is tough. If you aren’t already engaged in counselling, I would recommend you find a good counsellor, find a solid support group and be proactive about health generally. There are a lot of tools online also that can offer suggestions with helpful approaches such as mindfulness.

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