How to Change the Culture of an Organisation

Ryan Hill Breathe Counselling Perth

Social Worker Perspectives by Ryan Hill – Breathe Counselling Perth An effective organisational team consists of honest, supportive, symbiotic relationships. Hughes and Wearing (2007) assert organisational culture change happens in the context of managing professional and personal values, and in the effective treatment of competing organisation and service-user demands. Hence, changing culture in organisations involves … Read more

Marriage Counselling That Actually Works

Marriage Counselling that Works, Reationship Counselling perth, Couples Counselling

Addressing relationship problems through marriage counselling can be like going into battle … When I’m doing couples and marriage counselling, clients will inevitably describe a problem or several problems to me that are apparent in their relationship. It might be an anger problem, a communication problem, a conflict problem, but the reality is, the problem is never the problem… OK… so before … Read more

Relationships Are the Key to Happiness

relationship counselling

Relationship Counselling Relationship Counselling can be one of the best investments you can make in your life. The priority in life and the core of what we focus on at Breathe Counselling Perth is healthy relationships. Relationships can be difficult, hard work and even painful, but they are the most important thing in life. They are worth investing in. When … Read more

Overcome Rejection in Relationships and Connect

Overcome Rejection

How do you overcome rejection? How do deal with rejection from friends? How do you handle rejection at work? Dealing with romantic rejection? How do you handle rejection from a woman or a man? Rejection can be defined as the act of pushing someone or something away. One may experience rejection from one’s family of origin, a friend, … Read more

Keys to Healthy Thinking

Healthy Thinking

Who doesn’t want to think better? or as Graham Cooke suggests, to learn the “art of thinking brilliantly”? Graham Cooke- the art of healthy thinking or thinking brilliantly. Whilst it’s ancient wisdom Proverbs 23:7 , because of the popularity of neuroscience and legitimate psychological research, most of us in this day and age know that … Read more

Relationships and Freedom

Trust and Relationships

Have you ever met people who are really well defined, do what they want to do, stick to a certain career path… but are desperately lonely? Conversely, have you ever met someone who has lost their sense of self or identity in the myriad of relationships in their life? Have you ever watched the sitcom ‘Everybody … Read more