Breathe Counselling Joondalup

Breathe Counselling Joondalup provides expert psychotherapy and counselling services to the northern suburbs of Perth.   Our counsellors in Joondalup provide professional relationship and couples counselling, family and individual therapy. Each of our therapists are committed to helping people grow, learn and heal. Our counsellors offer current therapy approaches that reflect the latest developments in clinical practice, delivered with compassion and care. Treating struggles such depression and anxiety and addressing trauma and grief, counselling appointments are available during the day and after hours.

Breathe Counselling Joondalup is located centrally in the City of Joondalup close to the train line and adjacent to Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre. Neighbouring suburbs include Wanneroo, Ocean Reef and Hillaries.

Counselling in Joondalup

ECU Business and Innovation Centre 15 Barron Parade, Joondalup WA 6027


Our Counsellors in Joondalup

Counsellor in Joondalup Nerida Holmes

Nerida Holmes
B Ed, GradDipCouns&IntPsycthpy

Nerida offers counselling in Joondalup. Individual therapy, couples counselling or family therapy with Nerida allows clients to feel heard and supported in a safe, confidential setting. Her compassion, knowledge, and experience can help you gain relief and insight and access significant growth opportunities. Nerida has been a requested counsellor for many clients, who have found her genuine and positive manner, comforting and encouraging.

Counsellor In Joondalup

Pamela Scott-Gale
MCouns, GradDipCouns&IntPsycthpy,Cpt. QARANC (V) (Rtd),PGCert Clinical Teaching, RGN

Pamela is a compassionate, trauma-informed counsellor and clinical supervisor who has a thorough and expansive background in supporting individuals, couples and families. She has a particular interest in psyche-education, evidence-based research, professional development and clinical supervision.

Breathe counselling Joondalup

Shiyanka Rossiter
MCouns, GradDipCouns(Health), BSocSc

Shiyanka has worked in varying human service professions for the past 18 years. At the core lies her passion for mental health and the well-being of all individuals, including adolescents, adults, and couples. She is known to bring a tailored and safe presence to every session and works from the foundation of meeting each person where they are, regardless of their circumstance or struggle.

Counselling in Joondalup

Jennifer Wolff
MCouns, DipCouns, BA English, AA Child Development

Jennifer offers individual, family, and couples counselling in Joondalup and online counselling for individuals.  She is a warm, empathetic, and encouraging person-centred therapist who provides a safe space for clients to share their concerns.  Jennifer believes the therapeutic relationship with her clients is the most important factor for successful therapy outcomes and strives to help her clients feel comfortable, accepted, and respected.

after hours counselling Joondalup

Sue Hooton

Sue offers after-hours sessions to individuals in Joondalup. She has 15 years of extensive experience offering support to individuals as they navigate life's challenges. Her maturity and life experiences also enable insightful wisdom and knowledge into complex relational challenges in different seasons of life.

Walking route departing Joondalup Stn

  1. Start
    Leave Joondalup Train Station, Head south towards Collier Pass (150 metres)
  2. Walk
    Turn right onto Collier Pass
  3. Walk
    Stay on Collier Pass (211 metres)
  4. Walk
    Turn left onto Joondalup Dr/State Route 85 (250 metres)
  5. Walk
    Turn right onto Aston St (120 metres)
  6. Walk
    Turn left onto Winton Rd (100 metres)
  7. Walk
    Turn right onto Royce Ct (61 metres)
  8. End
    Destination will be on the left

All counsellors and therapists associated with Breathe Counselling Perth are engaged in regular professional development, counselling and psychology supervision. Our counsellors are members of either or both ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).