About Our Counselling Services

Breathe Counselling is a professional and compassionate counselling service. Our desire and intent is to provide the most suitable and effective counselling solutions possible to individuals, couples and families.

We understand from statistical evidence, research and practice, that the counselling relationship itself is the most effective element of therapy. Subsequently, our approach reflects the value we place on this relationship.

Our Approach

Breathe Counselling offers professional, confidential and compassionate counselling and psychology services from various locations and online. Our team of qualified male and female counsellors offer individuals, couples and families solutions to address and overcome relationship struggles, emotional concerns and roadblocks to a fulfilling life. The reality is, all of us experience struggles in these areas at times and having someone to talk to and assist you to find real solutions is the smartest thing to do.


Who We Help

Some people seek counselling if they are struggling with depression, anxiety or addiction, or are just finding life challenging. Others engage in counselling if they find it difficult to control their anger, or struggle to trust people, or are experiencing difficulties in a significant relationship or marriage. For many, the emotional pain of loneliness or bereavement can prompt them to seek support. Whatever reason it is for you, we believe that counselling is an investment into someone very important- you.


Our Counsellors

Each of the counsellors at Breathe Counselling draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge with regards to mental health, emotional intelligence and relationship health. Many of the counselling approaches we integrate into our sessions, such as CBTEmotionally Focused Therapy, Somatic Therapies and the Gottman Method are backed up by decades of research and statistical evidence of effectiveness. The positive feedback we get from clients on an ongoing basis is testament to this.


Which Counsellor is Right For You?

We believe it is important to find the right counsellor, so please read through the bio’s of each of our counsellors. The trust relationship that is built between a counsellor and client is a major contributor to the effectiveness of the counselling experience. All counsellors at Breathe Counselling are under professional supervision, are engaged in ongoing professional development and are members of national peak bodies such as Australian Counselling Association or Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

We commend you on being courageous and vulnerable enough to seek out solutions and/ or support through counselling. Our sincere hope is that you will have a positive, effective and rewarding experience.

Nick Gwynn Breathe Counselling Rockingham

Nick Gwynn

Director - Breathe Counselling

Joanna Gwynn

Director - Breathe Counselling

All counsellors and therapists associated with Breathe Counselling Perth are engaged in regular professional development, counselling and psychology supervision. Our counsellors are members of either or both ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).