Relationships Are the Key to Happiness

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling can be one of the best investments you can make in your life. The priority in life and the core of what we focus on at Breathe Counselling Perth is healthy relationships. Relationships can be difficult, hard work and even painful, but they are the most important thing in life. They are worth investing in. When there is a deficit in relationships; addictions and life control issues spring up in us. Relationships satisfy something deep within us.

Psychology research and evidence reflects the fact that relationships are central in the therapy process. The compelling truth in the context of counselling and psychology is that the most impacting aspect of therapy is relationships. This includes both the counsellor- client relationship and the subsequent relationships that the client has with others outside of the counselling setting. There are different kinds of relationships:

  • marriage/ couples relationships
  • parent/ child relationships
  • friendships
  • work relationships
  • men and relationships
  • women and relationships

The results of good relationship counselling speak for themselves. It is evident that a persons capacity to make better decisions and sustain life changing habits is increased by relationships. A persons physical health and life span is even effected by the health of their relationships. In our western culture we are extremely focused on education, information and technology.This is fine, as long as we don’t forget about the necessity of relationships a heart to heart connection. Often, authentic connections are the missing ingredient in peoples lives. In fact, mental health is directly proportional to relational health. So why not invest in your relationships?

We can learn about many things in life. We can invest in many things. The most important things in life are relationships, so why not learn about them? Why not find out how they work? how you can improve them? What are the keys to success in the realm of relationships? What are relationship problems and answers? What is the connection between love and relationship? what are the stages of intimate relationships? What are the signs a relationship is over? Trust and relationships? Stages of romantic relationships?

At Breathe Counselling Perth all of our counsellors are invested in learning about and passing on their knowledge about relationships. We will work with you on the areas in your life that can be improved, so that relationships can flourish. We assist in helping you grow intimacy, healthy vulnerability, boundaries, a healthy sense of self and also help you overcome such things as unhealthy people dependencies, social phobias and family dysfunction.

Sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to be honestly known by another human being. If we can look at the word ‘INTIMACY’ and break it down to the statement: ‘INTO ME YOU SEE’, we find a real key to authentic connection. Vulnerability can be a frightening thought to some people, especially if you have been abused or taken advantage of. We need to cultivate relationships with safe people that we can be our authentic self with. Relationship Counselling can be a good starting point for this.

You might  need a listening, non-judgmental ear and for someone to actually be present with you

You may be a young person who has dreams but cant seem to transition that dream into reality

You might struggle with identity, clarity of purpose and motivation

You might find it difficult to say NO, and feel like you have little control over your life

You could be feeling lonely, detached, depressed or anxious about the future

You might be a leader, but ‘feel lonely at the top’ and feel as though you are always giving out but never receiving any support or consultation

Relationship counselling at Breathe Counselling Perth is specifically tailored to the individual or couple that we are working with. We will empower you to develop a growing sense of hope sense of hope and happiness in the most important area of life… relationships.

Addictions are cycles that emerge in our lives when we cannot reduce our pain and anxiety through loving intimate connections with people : Danny Silk

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