Sue French

GradDip Counselling, AdvDip CFT, Dip CFT

Sue offers her counselling services in the Rockingham and Byford, Mundijong & Serpentine offices. Counselling with Sue offers you the opportunity to talk about your problems, thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential setting. Her calm nature combined with her knowledge and experience can help you gain understanding about yourself and your relationships with others.

Concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma can be overwhelming at times and they can impact all aspects of our lives, especially our relationships and personal health. Sue can offer insight into the complexities of these situations as well as give you strategies to help you work through them. She can also assist with the challenges of being a parent at any stage of life, whether it’s in the early years, teens, or as a parent of adult children.

Sue has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy as well as extensive experience in early childhood development. She has worked as a counsellor at a large metropolitan high school and currently offers her services as a part-time counsellor with the Salvation Army.