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Richie Perera

BA Counselling, Dip Theo (Notre Dame)

Richie has worked in private practice and in the community sector with Relationships Australia and in the healthcare industry. He has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, children and families. His engaging approach with clients fosters trust and rapport in the context of applying evidence-based, research driven counselling. Further to his relationship counselling experience, he has a specialty in health services and has provided support to those with chronic illnesses throughout their journey including supporting those who are struggling with trauma, grief and bereavement.

Richie walks gently with his clients on their journey towards restoration and/or personal growth. He is known for providing a calm and safe environment for his clients to do their work. Richie ensures he is nonjudgmental, attentive and respectful of each client’s own story. He is an engaging counsellor who applies intentional, proactive modalities of therapy. Richie works from a person-centred, integrated approach. He helps his clients to gain personal insights as they work towards self-awareness. Richie uses a mixture of reflective practices, in conjunction with practical measures and tasks to help clients on their healing journey.

In Addition to his counselling, Richie is passionate about philosophy, ethics, organisational culture, team dynamics and leadership, and provides coaching to individuals and groups

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