Counselling in Perth Matthew Bond

Matthew Bond

MSocSc(Cnslg&Psycthpy), BTheo

Matthew offers counselling services in the Perth CBD and Rockingham. Matthew’s natural, sensitive approach lends itself to constructing and holding spaces that allow clients to be reflective in a safe environment, carefully moving at the pace the client sets. Matthew integrates Psychodynamic, Inter-personal, Attachment and Emotionally Focussed (EFT) therapies, creating an approach which allows clients to explore their lives and relationships. Matt offers individual therapy, couples counselling and family therapy.

Matthew has received exceptional feedback from individual clients and couples whilst working with Breathe. Previously, Matt spent a portion of his counselling history working with at Headspace. He has also had experience working in a host of group environments, including  youth programs, schools, families, projects in the disability sector and with prisoners. He is deeply motivated by his clients’ core needs, infinitely interested in their stories and deeply humbled by the personal nature of the work. Matthew draws on his unique working history and applied skills to offer a relational approach that fosters trust and safety.

Matthew Bond is professionally registered with PACFA.