Counselling? Should I get it? Does it help?

Do I need counselling? Should I get it? Would it help me? Does it work?

The therapeutic relationship has incredible potential to help facilitate restoration and healing. Maybe it is the role a counsellor plays in providing a safe attachment relationship someone can be equipped with new self-soothing techniques or experience a greater level of healthy ‘self-love’. Or it could be through the provision of a safe space where a person can speak out for the first time about things never shared before.

As a counsellor it is both rewarding to be a part of someone’s healing journey but also to see someone take new ground in their life, whether it’s establishing new, healthy boundaries for the first time, building self-worth and value or taking a walk back into the past to bring healing to old hurts and mistakes. Counselling is not about someone sitting in the power seat, ‘forcing the personal out of you.’ Quite often it is those types of stereotypes that hold us back from booking in a session when we need it. I like to encourage clients that a counsellor is there to help you and at no point will they force you to go somewhere you’re not comfortable to go. It is a working alliance that is in the clients’ best interests. It’s actually all about engaging in a professional relationship that can help you feel more powerful, more in control and more… normal.

One of the things I enjoy about counselling is the way creativity can help unlock what is difficult to express or too scary to look at. One of the techniques I enjoy using is Gestalt therapy where pictures and colours and objectifying feelings is a helpful way to take ownership of a feeling or thought. Sometimes it makes it easier to work with something difficult if it is in front of you and can be held in your hand or drawn on a piece of paper. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed the only thing we can do is to maybe put a colour to a feeling. It is incredible how I have seen clients engage for the first time with feelings never expressed before by working with this technique. Many have found a sense of release and healing.

If you are new to counselling or unsure where to start I would recommend trying out a few different counsellors and seeing who and what best works for you. Many counsellors draw on different techniques and have different ways of working. Sometimes it’s also just about the working relationship. It is important to ask ‘Is this counsellor working for me?’ If not, it is okay to move on. At the end of the day this is your recovery journey.

Lovina Triman

Breathe Counselling Perth