‘Re-wiring’ is a name used by counsellors, psychologists and coaches to describe a number of therapy models that are focused on helping people to think and subsequently behave differently. They generally incorporate and integrate variations of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT) with other therapy models. The name is drawn from the concept of re-wiring your brain through practices … Read more


learning how to rest

Sometimes I look at strangers’ faces,and try to guess what is going on in their worlds. Often times, the faces I look at seem to tell untold stories of grief and pain, quiet desperation and aching loneliness. Other times the faces narrate unbridled joy and felicity. But a common story I read on the faces … Read more

Overcoming Inferiority

Overcoming Inferiority

Do any of the following symptoms exist in your life? performance orientation drivenness anxiety insecurity over-competitiveness gossip putting others down (tall poppy syndrome) retreating from life a sense of ‘not measuring up’ a false sense of superiority If so, you may be struggling with inferiority. The Cambridge Dictionary describes this as a feeling that you are not as … Read more

Managing Stress

managing stress

Are you irritable? Do you find it difficult to sleep? Are you struggling to concentrate or complete tasks? Do you keep getting sick? You could be experiencing a stress management issue. A certain amount of stress in life is normal, even healthy. This might be the tension you feel when you respond to a red … Read more

Breaking the Victim Mindset

victim mindset

Victim? Truly, some have been victims… of crime, abuse, injustice, degradation and circumstance. But many of us choose the mindset of a victim… when really we have no right to. It is a choice we have made… because we can. But in the same way that we can make that choice to be a victim,we can also choose to not be … Read more

Interpersonal Practice

Interpersonal Practice Personality is illuminated through reflection upon the question “who am I?” Thus, does who I am, defined by my personality, develop or is it predetermined before birth, is it a result of nurture or nature, is personality a consequence of biology or environment? These deeper questions of personality origin which ultimately answer the … Read more