Active Listening

active listening

The Art of Active Listening by Nick Gwynn, I know some people who are truly good listeners. When I spend time with them they seem genuinely interested in me, my thoughts, my perspective and my feelings. Spending time with them is satisfying and I usually come away feeling known, accepted, valued and appreciated. I don’t come away … Read more

Social Worker Perspectives- Critical Thinking

Breathe Counselling Perth- Critical Thinking

Critical thinking as a Social Work Practitioner By Ryan Hill (Breathe Counselling Perth) Imperative to social work practice is the application of critical thinking (CT). Adopting the skills and attitudes present in critical thinking ensures practitioners do not become complacent, gullible or naive (Facione P. A., 2013). Still, a definitive definition concerning CT does not … Read more


counselling perth- friendship

I remember hearing someone describe friendship as being a relationship that has no strings. Friends simply spend spend time with each other because they want to. I consider myself very fortunate in life to have had some very good friends. Some of my richest, most fulfilling experiences have been in the context or form of friendship. I want … Read more

The Art of Rest

I can’t relax!!! My mind is racing, I’m restless, anxious and agitated. I’ve got a million things to do… and I cant seem to find any peace. I just want to rest. Sound familiar? The acquisition of rest and peace is the universal desire of every human being on the planet. People all over the world are looking … Read more

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT is a form of psychotherapy that basically helps a person to change their thinking, feeling and behaving, resulting in positive changes in a person’s quality of life. It is a popular form of therapy, as it is evidence/ research based and can be brief  and relatively simple in application. CBT … Read more

Not my Circus Not my Monkeys

Do you ever feel as though there is an ever increasing inclination towards ‘drama’ in the world? Do you ever find yourself surrounded by people who seem to want to draw you into their current ‘soap opera?’ It is true, there are people who are proverbial drama magnets, who seem to exist in a perpetual state of self … Read more

Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety

Your heart is racing, you’re starting to sweat, your mind is confused, you don’t know what to do or where to go…  Anyone relate to that? If you’ve experienced an anxiety attack, those symptoms and more will be familiar. Anxiety can creep up on any of us… and it can be one of the most … Read more

Overcoming Codependency

overcoming codependency

Do you feel a nagging obligation to rescue people? Do you feel guilty or anxious if you say NO? Do you find yourself trying to fix others, even when your own life is out of control? Do you work harder on other people’s issues than they do? Are you in a relationship that saps all of our emotional energy If you answered YES to any of the above questions, … Read more