Breaking the Victim Mindset

victim mindset

Victim? Truly, some have been victims… of crime, abuse, injustice, degradation and circumstance. But many of us choose the mindset of a victim… when really we have no right to. It is a choice we have made… because we can. But in the same way that we can make that choice to be a victim,we can also choose to not be … Read more

Overcoming Guilt and Regret

Rockingham Counsellor Sue French

Do you still feel guilty about things that happened long ago? This is something I often come across when working as a counsellor and it doesn’t have to be this way. Feeling guilty for things in the past keeps us stuck in a place of having done something wrong, along with the negative self talk … Read more

Counselling? Should I get it? Does it help?

Lovina Triman Perth Counsellor

Do I need counselling? Should I get it? Would it help me? Does it work? The therapeutic relationship has incredible potential to help facilitate restoration and healing. Maybe it is the role a counsellor plays in providing a safe attachment relationship someone can be equipped with new self-soothing techniques or experience a greater level of … Read more

Interpersonal Practice

Interpersonal Practice Personality is illuminated through reflection upon the question “who am I?” Thus, does who I am, defined by my personality, develop or is it predetermined before birth, is it a result of nurture or nature, is personality a consequence of biology or environment? These deeper questions of personality origin which ultimately answer the … Read more

The Health Benefits of Positive Relationships

health benefits of relationships

The health benefits of positive relationships are extensive. Science is explaining more and more, what has previously been considered as intangible. The realm of intimacy, attachment and even romance is being studied more and more, and a body of research based evidence, pointing to the importance of meaningful relationships is growing. In addition, the effects … Read more

Organisation Theory for Practice

Ryan Hill Breathe Counselling Perth

Social Worker Perspectives by Ryan Hill- Breathe Counselling Perth Organisation theory for practice. Social work draws on theories relating to interpersonal communication, group formation and dynamics, leadership and resource (including power) distribution, problem-solving, and how various systems function independently and interrelate. Significantly, Hughes and Wearing’s (2007) concept of social work organisational theory translates and applies … Read more

How to Change the Culture of an Organisation

Ryan Hill Breathe Counselling Perth

Social Worker Perspectives by Ryan Hill – Breathe Counselling Perth An effective organisational team consists of honest, supportive, symbiotic relationships. Hughes and Wearing (2007) assert organisational culture change happens in the context of managing professional and personal values, and in the effective treatment of competing organisation and service-user demands. Hence, changing culture in organisations involves … Read more

Overcoming Contempt in Marriage

contempt in marriage

According to the Oxford Dictionary Contempt is, ‘The feeling that a person or a thing is worthless or beneath consideration’ or to have ‘disregard for something that should be considered’. When we act with contempt, we basically treat others as though they are inferior to us. Contempt can involve sarcasm, cynicism, mocking, mimicking or negative body language such as rolling your … Read more

Overcoming Criticism


Criticism-  the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes. (Oxford Dictionary) Let’s face it, we all criticize. Whether its people, people groups, places or things… We have all done it, we have all been on the receiving end of it, and we will continue to. BUT, we can … Read more